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PLANTIX – the mobile crop doctor for your pocket

Improve your profitability with the latest technologies and globally pooled farming know-how. If you are a farmer, agricultural worker or consultant, Plantix is your reliable partner for best practices in agriculture, disease control, and yielding better crops

Health Check

Take a picture of your arable crop by using a simple 3G-enabled smartphone. Plantix analyzes it within the blink of an eye and reports detailed information about the plant's species and its potential disease

Plantix Community

Get in touch with a community of scientists, farmers and plant experts to exchange information about plant issues on a local or global level

Plantix Crop Advisory

This is the third pillar for multiplying your farming expertise. The Crop Advisory is a holistic tool that reminds you about all the steps necessary for the highest yields and best quality of your farm produce

Disease Library

Plantix provides the largest independent database for plant problems and their treatments