- Raspberry

Raspberry Raspberry

Raspberry Spur Blight


Didymella applanata

In a Nutshell

  • Blue or violet spots & spore blisters on the shoots.
  • Bark bursts open.
  • Early leaf drop.
 - Raspberry

Raspberry Raspberry


Blue to violet spots appear on the shoots and the bark bursts open. Subsequently, the spore cushions form blisters on the shoots. The plant drops its leaves early in the year. In spring the affected shoots do not sprout.

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The pathogen enters the plant with humid spring weather and hibernates in the affected shoots.

Organic Control

Remove infected shoots. After an infection, use a plant fortifier, so the plants are able to fight the fungi. You can choose more resilient varieties, such as Glen Moy, Glen Rosa, Julia, Malling Admiral or Leo.

Chemical Control

Fungicides based on Lime Sulfur or Captan/Fenhexamid mixtures can be used.

Preventive Measures

  • Balanced nutrition supply is important.
  • Injuries should be avoided.
  • Leave sufficient distance between plants.
  • Apply plant fortifier.

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