- Citrus

Citrus Citrus

Leafcutter Bees


Megachile sp.

In a Nutshell

  • Semicircular feeding damage on leaves.
 - Citrus

Citrus Citrus


Symptoms are obvious only on leaves. Circular to oval holes can be observed on the leaf margins.

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The symptoms are caused by solitary bees that belong to the Megachile family. These bees cut the leaves into pieces and transport them to their nests. The adult female builds nests using the cut leaves which are divided into cells and oviposits single egg into each cell. After moulting a few times, the larva spins a cocoon and pupates. It emerges from the nest as an adult. Males die shortly after mating, but females survive for another few weeks, during which they build new nests. They do not cause any economic damage.

Organic Control

No treatment is needed.

Chemical Control

As these bees are great pollinators for your crop, it is not recommended to implement any extreme or harsh control and management methods.

Preventive Measures

  • No preventive measures are needed.

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