- Wheat

Wheat Wheat

Frost Damage


Cell injury

In a Nutshell

  • Discolorations and deformations on leaves.
  • Necrosis of leaf tips.
 - Wheat

Wheat Wheat


Scorched and pale brown patches appear between the leaf veins. Additionally blossomed and young fruits become damaged. Leaves show lesions or pitting on the surfaces, as well as discoloration, water soaked tissue. Injured tissues appear tan and may give off a foul odor. Leaves may drop prematurely.

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Frost damage occurs when ice forms inside the plant tissue and injures the plant cells, hence, it is the formation of ice rather than cold temperature that actually injures the plant. Cold winds remove moisture from evergreen foliage more than it is being replaces by the roots. This results in leaf browning especially at the tips and margins of the leaves. Young plants are more susceptible to frost damage than plants that have been fully established.

Organic Control

As it is a natural phenomenon biological control is not possible.

Chemical Control

Always consider an integrated approach with preventive measures together with biological treatments if available. As it is a natural phenomenon chemical control is not possible.

Preventive Measures

  • Carefully select planting positions to avoid frost pockets.
  • Generally, low spots in local topography have colder temperatures and therefore more damage can be observed there.
  • Level the land to eliminate spots that accumulate cold air and to improve the drainage of cold air.
  • Leave dead leaves and branches on plants to help protect during the next freeze.
  • Prune off dead material when you see new growth emerging.
  • Cover plants with fleece or other suitable protection when there's a frost forecast.

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